林 智子

幼少期に暮らしたアメリカの広大な砂漠地帯や、学生時代を過ごした混沌とした多国籍な街ロンドンでの暮らしの中で、人と人との距離感について興味を持ちはじめ、様々な方法で現代人の親密さと交感をテーマにした作品を模索し始める。卒業後にアイルランド、ダブリンに渡りMIT Media Lab Europeとのコラボレーションの元でコミュニケーションテクノロジーを使った作品を制作、2005年に英国Victoria and Albert 美術館、2007年に大阪国立国際美術館で展覧会に参加。その後も様々な国で分野を超えたコラボレーションを行い、近年では2015年に熊本市現代美術館の展覧会に参加。現在は京都に戻り、東洋の円環的で直観的な思考に触発されながら新たな作品を模索し続けている。

Tomoko is a multidisciplinary artist trained in Kyoto and London. Her work reflects her nomadic nature, having lived and worked in five different countries, from the vast deserts of New Mexico, USA, to the cosmopolitan and chaotic city of London, UK, places where she has been exposed to various cultures and experienced different types of human connections, closeness and distance. These experiences led to her interest in modern society’s human intimacy and communication issues as a theme of her work. Since then, she has been exploring this theme through various mediums and established several collaborations with various experts. Her projects have been exhibited in museums and art galleries around the world, such as the V&A, London, the National Museum of Art, Osaka, and the Contemporary Art Museum, Kumamoto. She now lives in Kyoto and explores new work possibilities by walking around the city and finding the extraordinary in the ordinary.